Roll-in / roll-through refrigerators

Roll-in / roll-through refrigerators

The roll-in and the drive-through closets are specially designed for temporary storage and monitoring of the cold chain. sells various variants including single doors, glass doors, or a combination of cooling and freezing. View our offer and order directly.

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Roll-in / drive-through refrigerators Buy at

At you will find roll-in and walk-through refrigerators for your catering kitchen. The roll-in / drive-through refrigerators are designed to temporarily store food and save energy. You will find this type of refrigerator with a glass door or a closed door. View the range and order your drive-through fridge in the webshop.

Lease a drive-through fridge / roll-in

Buying a refrigerator is quite an investment. We realize this all too well at That is why we also offer the possibility to lease a product from us. You have to deal with monthly costs instead of losing a lot of money in one go. In addition, with leasing you have the option to become the owner of the product after your lease contract. View our lease conditions for more information.

More catering freezers and refrigerators is also the right place for other freezers and refrigerators. Here in our webshop you will find, in addition to roll-in and drive-through refrigerators, other freezers and refrigerators to keep your products properly cool. All catering supplies can be found in our webshop. Order your products in the webshop and enjoy the many benefits of




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