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Keep your ingredients at the right temperature with a saladette from In our range you will find a range of various popular brands. View the range and order your saladette online in our webshop at the best price for top quality.

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What is a saladette?

A saladette is a cooling bank that remains at the right temperature due to underlying cooling. Excellent for keeping ingredients fresh. In most cases, a saladette has a worktop. This makes it easier for you to prepare multiple dishes. This way you work more efficiently and save time. A saladette or saladiere is indispensable where a lot of work is done with cold ingredients. The saladettes and saladies from are therefore also for professional use in catering, hotels and bakeries. You can easily combine the saladette with a fridge workbench or a freezer workbench. You can also use the saladette at buffets.

Want to buy a saladette for the catering industry?

As mentioned earlier, a saladette is indispensable in the catering industry. Both hot and cold dishes are prepared in the catering industry. It is important that you keep the ingredients at the correct temperature. A professional saladette or saladiere from will help you with this by keeping these (fresh) products at the right temperature. In addition, with a saladette you can also work faster on the preparation of a salad or other cold dish.

Various models of saladettes

In our offer you will find different versions of saladettes and saladies, but each of high quality and for professional use. You will find saladettes of various capacities in the range. Use our filters and find the saladette that fits your kitchen setup perfectly. For example, you will find in our range:

Do you have questions about one of our saladettes and saladies? Please contact us, we are happy to help you. Also view our range of refrigerated and freezer workbenches and complete your catering kitchen.



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