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Catering entrepreneurs who are looking for a professional and modern ice cube machine can make a wide choice from various ice cube equipment at View the complete range below and order easily online!

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1 - 60 of 301

Want to buy a catering ice cube machine?

Our range of ice cube machines is ideal for the hospitality industry. You can produce large quantities of different shapes of ice cubes with the greatest of ease. You can then easily store these in one of our ice storage bunkers . Our range includes the well-known brands of:

These brands are known for producing the slowest melting ice cube. Sustainability and quality are of paramount importance. You can therefore assume that our products will serve your company for a long time. You can see per product how much warranty you receive.

What are the advantages of an ice cube machine?

The use of ice in the hospitality industry is more important than people think. Ice for the bar is like fire for the kitchen. One always has the wrong impression when seeing a glass filled to the brim with ice. However, a larger amount of ice ensures that it melts less quickly and that the taste of the drink is not or minimally influenced by the melt water. With the ice cube machine from you are assured that you serve the best quality ice cream to your customers.

Ice cube machines with best price guarantee

Which ice maker you ultimately select is of course up to you. You may want to place your ice maker in a spacious kitchen or, for example, behind the counter. Space and capacity are the main selection criteria, but energy consumption can also play a role for you. We use the best price guarantee for all our catering ice cube machines. This means that you are always assured that we offer all our products for the best price. Do you have further questions? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you!



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