Crushed ice / cresent - cube ice machines

Various types of ice cube machines for the hospitality industry. has various types of ice cube machines in its range. For example, when buying an ice cube machine from us, you can choose from a crescent ice machine, a crushed ice ice maker, and a cubelet ice maker.

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Cash present

Clear ice cubes in the shape of a half moon

Is widely used for serving drinks from a post-mix.

Crushed ice

The ice cream is suitable for consumption. crushed ice is also known as shaved ice. With a professional ice machine you always have freshly prepared crushed ice, which is indispensable in cocktails or for using a perfect presentation of, for example, shellfish and crustaceans.

Cubel ice cream machines

Cubelet ice cream is ideal for carbonated drinks.

Because they form a layer of ice cubes that floats on the surface of the drink, as a result of which the content of the glass is sealed off from the environment and will therefore oxidize less quickly.