Combi steamers & ovens

Combi steamers & ovens

We know better than anyone how important it is to serve your products warmly. Our range of steamers, ovens and microwaves are therefore indispensable for your hospitality business. All our equipment is suitable for professional use in the catering kitchen.

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More about our steamers, ovens and microwaves

Advantages of a combi steamer

A steamer is a multifunctional device that allows you to cook with steam. Steam gives off a large amount of heat to the products. The cooking times are the same as with traditional cooking in a pan. By boiling with steam you retain more taste, color and nutrients in the product. Due to the different methods of preparation, each dish comes perfectly from the combi steamer and your guests are always satisfied.

Baking ovens for the professional kitchen

A baking oven, also known as a hot air oven, is an important part of your catering kitchen. has a large number of baking ovens in the range of renowned brands such as CaterChef, Modular and Unox.

Professional microwaves for the hospitality industry

A microwave should of course not be missing in a kitchen, certainly not in the kitchen of your catering establishment. At you will find various microwaves in various price categories and from different brands such as Amana / Menumaster, Hendi and Panasonic. You can prepare your food with the microwave on different levels. They are not only useful for defrosting food but also for preparing food. In addition, a number of microwaves in our range also offer an oven function. So you have an extra oven in your kitchen, where you can easily prepare various dishes.