Wall cooling / freezer furniture

Wall cooling / freezer furniture

Wall cooling is a good way to create an impulse sale, for example fresh products. You can present a lot in wall cooling, so that space becomes available again in the cooling counter. On our page you will find the competitively priced wall coolers.

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1 - 60 of 227

Why wall cooling?

If you want to keep food and drinks refrigerated and the space in your catering business is limited, you can use wall cooling. Wall cooling is also referred to as a cooled wall unit. This is a large cooling for various foods and beverages, which can easily be placed against a wall to take up as little space as possible. You can, for example, use a cooled wall unit for the cold storage of ingredients, certain foods or meals.

Sizes of wall cooling.

Wall coolers come in all shapes and sizes
In the large selection of cooled wall furniture from Horeca.com you will find both large and small wall coolers. You can contact us for wall cooling of 70 centimeters in width, but also for cooled wall furniture of 150 centimeters in width or even 180 centimeters in width. Depending on the amount of food and beverages that you want to store in your cooled wall unit, you choose a cooled wall unit that fits your hospitality business.



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