Combi steamers

Combi steamers for the catering industry.

The combi steamer for the catering industry can be used as a steam oven and as an air oven. You can go in all directions and the possibilities are endless.

Functions of a combi steamer

The combi steamers are durable, easy to operate and equipped with many functions that always enable maximum quality of the dishes: crispy crusts, tender roasts, intensive aromas, deep colors and the preservation of vitamins and minerals. This is guaranteed by a precisely controlled climate in the oven cavity and the precise setting of temperature, humidity, air flow and cooking time.

Various sizes and price ranges

In our webshop we offer you a wide range, in different shapes and sizes and in various price ranges. Thanks to our many years of experience, we serve the catering industry with high-quality products. We distinguish ourselves by the good price / quality ratio.

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