Energy investment allowance

Industrial kitchen equipment that is eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance

Partly thanks to an intensive lobby by the Dutch association of suppliers of industrial kitchen equipment (NVLG), various industrial kitchen equipment for 2019 are eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). In fact, this means that the tax authorities contribute to the purchase of the industrial kitchen equipment you want within your company. But that's not your only gain. Because it uses less energy, you also get a lower energy bill. In short, double the benefit!

What is the EIA?

The EIA is a tax scheme with which the government supports entrepreneurs in investing in energy-saving assets and sustainable energy. When you, as an entrepreneur, use the EIA, you can deduct 45% of the investment costs of, in this case, the industrial kitchen equipment from the taxable profit, on top of your usual depreciation. You also pay less income tax or corporate tax. Count your profit!

The energy list on the internet

You can download the 2019 energy list using the image below. This list contains all business assets that qualify for the EIA. Please note: no rights can be derived from the flyer below. Always inquire at RVO for the most up-to-date information about EIA! On the website of you will find information about the operation of the scheme and you can register for the EIA newsletter via the website. In addition, the website contains a digital registration form. You can only submit your EIA application with this form!



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