Catering dishwashers

Dishwashers for the catering industry

Finding a suitable dishwasher does not have to be difficult. Our webshop has various dishwashers that take a lot of work off your hands. As a catering entrepreneur you use your dishwasher every day. Saving on water consumption and electricity can be important selection criteria for you. But even if you are looking for enormous capacity with a built-in water softener for your industrial kitchen, is the right place for professional catering dishwashers from the most renowned manufacturers. In addition to Front loader dishwashers and Rhima dishwashers, we also supply special glass washers and professional pass-through dishwashers. For when you need a lot of washing capacity for your kitchen every day.

Catering dishwashers in all price ranges supplies both the smaller catering companies and the larger ones. As a result, we are competitively priced to have something in our range for every budget. When it comes to dishwashers, we simply have the most complete range. In addition to the different types of dishwashers, front loaders, window cleaners and slide-throughs, we have these devices in different price ranges. Because every catering company must be able to rely on the dishwasher, that has been the most important point. Both the cheaper models and the more expensive models are reliable, work well and use little energy, water and chemicals.

Dishwashers for the catering industry

Because no catering company is the same and each has its own amount of dishes, we can distinguish the following from the following catering dishwashers :

Front loading dishwasher

This is a widely used model for different types of catering companies. Whether it's a cafeteria, bistro, or pizza restaurant, the right front loader is always ready for you in our webshop.

Pass-through dishwashers for the industrial kitchen.

If the amount of dishes is really large, then one also comes with a front-loading dishwasher, which works super efficiently, in case of time constraints. Another solution is needed here and that is the pushover . The device consists of an up and down moving hood that fits over a basket. The basket is slid under the hood, hood closes, washing takes place, hood opens and basket is removed from under the hood. The advantage of this machine is that the baskets with dishes do not have to be lifted. A table is placed on the infeed side of the machine from which the baskets with dishes are placed in the machine.

Window cleaner for the catering kitchen

If you have a lot of glassware to clean, there is a special catering dishwasher, the window cleaner , which can clean glasses at breakneck speed and in the most efficient way.

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