Ice cube machines

Ice cube machine for the catering industry

Serving cold drinks is self-evident in your catering company. An ice cube machine is therefore an important part of your kitchen. With an ice cube machine from you always keep your stock of ice cubes up to standard.

Types of ice maker

The ice machines range from models for small catering establishments to modular industrial business equipment.

Flake ice machines

Flake ice consists of 70% ice and 30% water. This is mainly used for cooling purposes. In the medical sector, flake ice is used, for example, to cool blood and organs; in the fishing industry it is used for cooling, transporting and storing fish.

Nugget ice cream machines

Nugget ice consists of 80% ice and 20% water. Nugget ice cream is even more compressed than flaky ice and is ideal for presentation purposes.

Crescent ice machines

A unique property of the crescent ice is that the cubes move freely. A big advantage is that no air holes are created, since the individual blocks do not stick together in the storage bunker. All this ensures maximum storage capacity. The unique shape of the ice makes it particularly versatile; from the trouble-free serving of drinks from post-mix installations to applications such as transporting fish, use in showcases and even as an aid in laser therapy.

Cubelet ice machines

Water dispensers are ideal for all workplaces where there is a need for hygienic ice water. Think of schools, large offices, hospitals, fast food and banquets. The machines are compact and energy efficient.

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