Eloma combi steamer - Joker B - EL0509431 Eloma

Eloma combi steamer - Joker B - EL0509431
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Total power:

- Frequency: 1NAC 230 V.
- Fuse: 1 x 16 Amp
- Certification: VDE - GS - CE - SVGW- UL
- Shielding value: IPX4
- Water connection / dim: 2 x G 3/4 A
- Water drainage / dim: 40 mm
Special characteristics
  • Multiple preparations possible through use and combinations of hot air and steam.
  • Four methods: Steaming, Combi-steaming / Regenerating, Hot air, LT (Cook & Hold) yarn
  • Analog electronic control - processor controlled with capacity dependent energy supply
  • 230 volt mains connection
  • Clear control panel with digital displays and infinitely adjustable analog rotary knobs with rotary protection
  • Combitronic® - automatic program sequence through combination of cooking methods
  • Memory - Repeats the last entered program without entering it again
  • Fresh steam system - Steam generation directly in the oven chamber, patented
  • Clima-Aktiv® - active dehumidification of the oven climate
  • Time and temperature with digital display Desired / Current (Soll / Ist)
  • Delta-T yarn
  • Preheat function for correct starting temperature
  • Manual humidification for individual moisture supply
  • Time setting 1min to 24 hours and continuous mode
  • Timer function, delayed start time up to 24 hours
  • Hot air range from 30 ° C to 300 ° C, Combi steaming from 30 ° C to 250 ° C
  • Steaming from 30 ° C to 130 ° C
  • LT-Yarn - Cook and Hold for long-term cooking from 30 ° C to 120 ° C
  • Core temperature control from 20 ° C to 99 ° C, digital display with Soll / Ist values
  • Rapid cooling with closed oven door
  • Quick release of the door for one-hand operation
  • Adjustable and extendable hand shower with roll-back system


  • Hygienic oven chamber, with round corners - seam welded and polished.
  • Inside and outside housing made of chrome nickel steel CrNi 18 10 - material no. 1.4301
  • Panorama viewing window with areteer positions, double insulating glass, with divisible glass door, insertable door rubber
  • Right-handed door
  • Fan shutdown when the door is opened by a magnetic switch
  • Interval fan for balanced cooking and auto-reverse operation
  • Guided rack with 6 runners and tilt lock
  • dual halogen lighting - precise vision control
  • Ventilation and odor trap are integrated in the drain - Fixed connection (DVGW)
  • Sensory-controlled two-stage condensation cooling
  • Two separate connections for hard and soft water - (DVGW)
  • Extendable control panel - service friendly - Important parts accessible from above
  • KDA - Service Test Program
  • Built and tested according to quality assurance system EN ISO 9001 - fulfills the criteria of the HKI Qualitätsstandards
  • Optional equipment and accessories:
  • Left - right revolving door
  • Autoclean, Fully automatic integrated self-cleaning system
  • Ship version
  • Wall brackets
  • Base with runners
  • HACCP Data Recording - Automatic internal storage of HACCP / LMHV data with serial connection RS232 for communication transfer
  • Connection to energy optimization system
  • Chicken grid for 4 chickens

Eloma Autoclean

  • Fully automatic integrated cleaning system for Eloma combi steamers

Special characteristics

  • Fully automatic - digitally electronically controlled cleaning program.
  • Immediately available - no need to hang cleaning arms.
  • 5 cleaning programs - flexible adaptation to degree of pollution.
  • Status display of the cleaning phases
  • 4 phases per cleaning process - soaking - cleaning - rinsing - drying.
  • Quick rinse - for a short cleaning in between with clean water.
  • Automatic preheating / cooling of the appliance at optimal cleaning temperature.
  • Delayed preset start time - pre-programmable up to 24 hours.
  • LMHV- HACCP- Protocol storage of the cleaning program in device memory with the possibility of retrieval with printer or PC via serial port. (option with MB)
  • Hygienically easy to clean - independent of personnel, in accordance with LMHV and HACCP.
  • Retention of the value of the appliance through economical cleaning.
  • Automatic cleaning dosage adjusted to the desired cleaning step.
  • Time and cost savings - Time-intensive manual cleaning is eliminated.
  • Less consumption of water - cleaner and rinse aid due to intelligent cleaning cycle.
  • Safe - no cleaner contact with personnel. Self-contained in spraying the cleaner in the closed oven chamber. No direct release of cleaning vapors into the ambient air.
  • Safety flushing function in case of program failure and in case of power failure.
  • Automatic safety cooling of the oven chamber at too high a temperature.


  • Motor-driven rotary multi-surface spray nozzle permanently installed in the oven chamber - no use of cleaning arms required.
  • support sprinklers for inaccessible places such as behind the air baffle.
  • Water pressure independent nozzle rotation.
  • Spray cleaner, rinse aid and water through one central spray system.
  • Two independent self-priming pumps for cleaner and rinse aid.
  • safety - double - door lock for increased operator protection.
  • Alternation secured - color distinguished different connections for cleaner and rinse aid.
  • Cleaner and rinse aid connection directly to the storage tank - no refilling required.
  • Built and tested according to quality assurance system EN ISO 9001 - in accordance with the criteria of the HKI Qualitätsstandards.


  • 10 l Cleaner in jerry can
  • 10 l Klarspüler in jery can
  • Connection set consisting of hose locking caps and suction filters.
  • Installation and operating manual.

Extra options

Grease filter stainless steel JOKER
  • EL0726613

    + € 110,00
Connection energy optimization
  • EL0523658

    + € 73,00
Wall console for JOKER 2-3
  • EL0675806

    + € 205,00
Installation kit
  • EL0504737

    + € 2.100,00
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Modelopzet model
DeurRechts scharnierend
Hand shower
Cleaning system
Water connection
Weight60 kg
Temperature range300 ºC
Warranty2 jaar
Warranty typeCarry-in garantie
Width520 mm
Depth640 mm
Height670 mm
Maximum gastronorm size2/3 gastronorm
Number of levels6
Version electric / gaselektrisch
Voltage230 V
Wattage3,6 kW

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Eloma combi steamer - Joker B - EL0509431

€ 5.700,00
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