Josper charcoal grill table model, HJX50M Josper

Josper charcoal grill table model, HJX50M
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Suitable for place settings for up to 150 people.
The Josper oven is unique and only works on charcoal. Sears your products immediately on all sides so that the authentic taste is retained.
  • Dimensions: 930x860x1380 mm. (W x D x H) ( including optional draft breaker and hood )
  • Smoke extraction
  • Grill rack
  • Charcoal grates
  • Josper pincers
  • Brush
  • Poker
  • Ashtray

We strongly advise you to order a draft breaker and hood.

Draft breaker - This prevents sparks or flames from leaking into the ventilation ducts.

Hood - Cools the temperature of the smoke and ensures that this smoke slowly and quietly enters the extractor hood. This prevents turbulence and possible return of the smoke and complements the safety of the fire protector.

Extra options

Door color
  • Glossy black

    + € 0,00
  • Glossy brown

    + € 0,00
  • Glossy Burgundy (dark red)

    + € 0,00
  • Stainless steel

    + € 0,00
Draft breaker
  • Stainless steel draft breaker 16 cm. - 4019

    + € 527,00
  • Stainless steel draft breaker 27 cm. - 4050

    + € 539,00
Stainless steel hood for draft breaker
  • Stainless steel hood for 20 cm draft breaker. - 4033

    + € 347,00
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Number of couverts150
Werkingstijden40 min.
Dagelijksverbruik houtskool16 tot 20 kg.
Duration per charge9 uur
Production per hour110 kg.
Cooking temperature250ºC tot 350ºC
Extraction capacity3200 m3/uur
Maximum rookmassa14 g/sec.
Weight155.00 kg
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeCarry-in garantie
Width930 mm
Depth860 mm
Height810 mm

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Josper charcoal grill table model, HJX50M

€ 9.720,00
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