Hoshizaki ice cube maker IM-240XWNE-C Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki ice cube maker IM-240XWNE-C Hoshizaki ice cube maker IM-240XWNE-C Hoshizaki ice cube maker IM-240XWNE-C Hoshizaki ice cube maker IM-240XWNE-C
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Ice cream is the 'finishing touch' for every chilled drink. The quality of the ice can leave a lasting impression. In addition to ice cubes in five different sizes, the Hoshizaki IM machines also produce special shapes such as ball, star and heart-shaped ice and extra-large and elongated cubes. This ice is extremely hard and crystal clear. Moreover, it melts very slowly, allowing your guests to enjoy their chilled drinks for longer - without loss of taste.

The unique IM range of ice machines is designed with hygiene as a priority and uses a closed cell ice production system that has an automatic cleaning and rinsing cycle. This means that after every new load of ice, the water reservoir will drain, be cleaned and then be filled with fresh water.

The easy-to-clean storage bunker has high-density foam insulation to slow the melting of the ice. The door gaskets provide insulation. This way no bacteria can enter the storage bunker that can contaminate the ice. Another feature is the removable condenser air filter that can be easily removed for cleaning. A clean air filter helps the ice machine maintain its maximum performance.

  • Every ice cycle is carried out with fresh water.
  • The water spray plate is cleaned with every cycle.
  • Closed water circuit for essential protection against pollution.
  • Housing made of stainless steel.
  • Integrated door knobs.
  • Removable door seal.
  • Easy to clean air filter.
  • The injected polyurethane foam provides excellent insulation.
  • Microcomputer control.

Even in high ambient temperatures, Hoshizaki IM machines are durable and reliable, making them suitable for bars, pubs, restaurants, cafés, sandwich shops, hotels and so on.

What is the difference between an air-cooled and a water-cooled machine?
Air-cooled ice machines need a large volume of air cooler than 40 ° C to function properly. The higher the ambient temperature, the lower the production capacity will be, so that locations without proper ventilation can be better avoided. If a machine has to be placed in a room with minimal ventilation (a small closed room, so built-in) that can get warm, in a warm room such as a kitchen or a dishwashing room it is better to install a water-cooled machine. This keeps the production capacity.

Water consumption indication (IM-240WNE / IM-240DWNE / IM-240AWNEW) for the cooling water, approximately:
ambient temperature / water temperature: 10/10 ° C: 1.44 m³ per day
ambient temperature / water temperature: 21/15 ° C: 1.48 m³ per day
ambient temperature / water temperature: 32/21 ° C: 1.86 m³ per day

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storage bunker (Please choose)
  • Without storage bunker

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  • Hoshizaki storage bunker B-801SA

    + € 2.373,00
  • Hoshizaki storage bunker F-1025-52S

    + € 2.223,00
  • Hoshizaki storage bunker F-650-44S

    + € 1.892,00
  • Hoshizaki storage bunker F-950-48S

    + € 2.059,00
  • Hoshizaki storage bunker F-600-42S

    + € 1.739,00
Hoshizaki Water Filter TWIN
  • Hoshizaki water filter 4HC-H TWIN with installation kit

    + € 357,00
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Type of coolingwater cooled
Storage compartmentexternal bunker
Type of iceice cubes
Water dispensernew
Cooling agentR 290 (propane)
Weight89 kg
Afmeting ijsblokjeL - 28x28x32 mm (wxdxh)
Ice cubes suitable forRestaurant, Bar/Cafe, Nightclub
Warranty2 jaar
Warranty typeOn-Site Warranty
Ice production capacity240 kg/24u
Width1084 mm
Depth700 mm
Height500 mm
Material exteriorstainless steel
Voltage230 V
Wattage133 W

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