Eloma combi steamer, Joker MT, EL6313001-2X, clockwise rotation, Autoclean Eloma

Eloma combi steamer, Joker MT, EL6313001-2X, clockwise rotation, Autoclean
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The original Joker in compact form in GN 1/1 format.
Experience the benefits of MT technology and use up to 6 baking racks.
Full performance and only 52 cm wide.
MT Technology
Using Eloma's MT Technology makes cooking and baking a lot easier for you.
Everything becomes easier; slide, delete or scroll with a finger movement.
You operate the Joker MT intuitively, lightning fast and extremely precise.
  • A 7 'high resolution color screen with MultiTouch Technology.
  • With a simple finger movement simultaneously set the temperature and the amount of moisture to the degree and percentage accurate. Climatic® MT makes it possible.
  • With the Last 20 function, the last 20 cooking processes are saved, nothing is lost.
  • Multi Connect makes it possible to connect your Genius MT effortlessly.
  • Manage your programs and HACCP data by using the USB or LAN connections.
  • With a finger movement you can quickly and precisely adjust all desired settings thanks to the Quick Set.
  • Chain customers and caterers will appreciate the Quick Mode function.
  • Continuity monitoring in all your locations through a constant digital connection.
  • 9 cooking methods, 9 menu groups, low temperature cooking and Delta t cooking.
  • 400 cooking and baking programs and a favorites function.
  • Automatic logbook function, you can see HACCP information at a glance and can be saved using a PC or a LAN connection.
  • Various fan speeds.
  • Programs can be adjusted during the cooking and baking process without turning off the oven.
  • Automatic preheating or cooling down by means of a fast Cool Down function.
  • Add the exact amount of moisture manually in baking mode.
Multi Cooking
A certainty. Simply select a program or cooking method and the Joker MT automatically determines which existing programs you can combine. Special benefits:
  • Multiple options for various methods, before or during the cooking process.
  • Intelligent time control, set a start or end time as desired.
  • Overview of all dishes that can be prepared together - with preparation time
  • Cooking time can also be regulated with Eloma combi-cooking based on the core temperature: extremely accurate, rotating meat production. The best preparation results without stress and hectic pace
  • With different equipment, each baking tray can be programmed separately
  • Permanent overview of the remaining cooking times of all dishes and baking trays
  • Optical and acoustic notification as soon as dishes are ready on a baking tray

Technical information :

Baking trays: 6x 1/1 GN
Capacity: eg 12 pieces of egg of 1.5 kg, 15 kg of mixed vegetables
Dimensions: 520x805x702 mm (WxDxH)
Connected load (kW): 7.5 kW
Voltage 400 V
Door: Turning right
With Autoclean function

  • MT Technology
  • Last® 20
  • Multi Cooking
  • Quick Set
  • Climatic® MT
  • Quick Mode
  • Multi Connect
  • 9 menu groups
  • 400 program places with 20 steps each
  • Favorites designation and filtering
  • Steptronic®
  • Multi-point core temperature meter
  • Temperature range 30 ° C - 300 ° C
  • Moisture content: 0% to 100% moisture
  • Late start type up to 24 hours
  • Active Temp (preheating and cooling)
  • main steam system
  • Manual fluid injection
  • SPS® Steam Protection System
  • Decreased fan speed (1/1 only)
  • Car reverse fan
  • Interval fan action
  • Logbook function for HACCP
  • Interface USB, LAN
  • Seamless oven room
  • Door quick release
  • Multilingual control panels
  • Integrated hand shower

Extra options

Connection energy optimization
  • EL2003621

    + € 176,00
Grease filter stainless steel JOKER
  • EL0726613

    + € 110,00
External sous-vide sensor kit
External core temperature sensor kit
JOKER MT device mounting set
  • EL2002357

    + € 42,00
JOKER MT Design Eloma black control panel
  • EL2002308

    + € 110,00
JOKER MT Design Eloma silver control panel
  • EL2002309

    + € 110,00
Installation kit
  • EL2002144

    + € 1.900,00
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Modelopzet model
Hand shower
Cleaning systemoptioneel
Water connection
Weight83 kg
Warranty2 jaar
Warranty typeCarry-in garantie
Width520 mm
Depth805 mm
Height702 mm
Maximum gastronorm size1/1 gastronorm
Number of levels6
Version electric / gaselektrisch
Wattage7,5 kW

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Eloma combi steamer, Joker MT, EL6313001-2X, clockwise rotation, Autoclean

€ 7.585,00
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