Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump Rhima

Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump
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The RHIMA DR 50iPLUS is especially suitable for small catering establishments, company restaurants, school canteens, departmental kitchens of institutions and for all kitchens where the dishes have to be processed up to around 60 meals a day. The machine requires little space and is suitable for installation, but can also be installed as a stand-alone unit.

Special features of the machine:
  • Double-walled and insulated
  • Reliable, durable and hygienic
  • 230 or 400 volt connection (please make your choice in the options)
  • Basket size 50 x 50 cm
  • Easy to operate
  • With built-in water softener
  • Available with drain pump
  • Soft Touch control panel
Double-walled and insulated
The DR 50iS is fully double-walled and insulated. As a result, the machine emits little heat (energy efficient) and is very quiet. Because the basket guides are deep drawn in the side wall and the wash tank has rounded corners, the inside is easy to clean.
Reliable, durable and hygienic
The Rhima DR 50iPLUS is a real professional dishwasher made entirely from AISI 304-18 / 10 chrome nickel stainless steel. Every wash meets the HACCP requirements because the machine is equipped with a thermochronous control: this guarantees that the temperature of the rinsing water is at least 82 ° C under all circumstances. So every wash has an optically and hygienically pure end result.
230 or 400 volt connection
The DR 50iPLUS is supplied as standard for 400 volt electrical connection. On request, the dishwasher can also be supplied for a 230-volt connection. You do not have to adjust your existing electrical installation to the dishwasher. The 230 V version is supplied with a 3.0 kW boiler and the 400 V version with a 4.5 kW boiler.
Basket size 50 x 50 cm
Using various baskets with a size of 50 x 50 cm, the Rhima DR 50iPLUS can clean both crockery, glassware and cutlery. These fully plastic Rhima baskets are of a very high quality. There is a choice of a large number of different baskets for washing dishes, trays and materials. Special baskets with compartments are available for glasses. The height of the glass determines the height of the glass basket. A major advantage of this is that the baskets are not only suitable for washing dishes, but are also ideal for transport and storage.
Easy operation
Model DR 50iPLUS has 3 programs of 60, 120 and 180 seconds. The machine can wash a basket with cups and a basket with dishes at the same time. The sophisticated washing and rinsing system makes the RHIMA DR 51iPLUS also ideally suited as a glass rinsing machine. The unsurpassed dynamics of rotating washing and rinsing arms prevents the dripping of washing water during the rinsing process. The result is fantastic clean dishes.
Due to its compact dimensions, this dishwasher is suitable for undermounting, but can of course also be installed freestanding. An option is to place the Rhima DR 50iPLUS on a stainless steel elevation stand. This makes the dishwasher higher so that the dishwashing employee can load and unload the machine without bending over, which is ergonomically very responsible.
Including break tank and rinsing pressure booster pump
Available drain pump
The dishwasher is optionally available with a built-in water softener. If the machine is connected to hard water (›5 ° dH), we recommend using the built-in water softener. For those places where the water drainage is the same or higher as the bottom of the wash tank, a model with built-in drain pump is available.
595x610x845 mm. (bxdxh)
Connection value
3.6 kW / 230V or 5.1 kW. / 400 V.
Optional accessories
  • External soap dosage for liquid soap
  • Weighted boiler element
  • Stainless steel raising stand
The water outlet of your dishwasher must be at least 5 cm above the sewer connection to achieve a natural course. If this is not possible, an optional drain pump can be installed.
* The price of the connection costs are based on installation within 1 day part (4 hours). If the installation takes longer, the extra hours will be charged separately.

Extra options

Connection costs (Please choose)
  • Do not let it connect

    + € 0,00
  • Connect *

    + € 375,00
Connection power (Please choose)
  • 230 V. (max 3.6kW)

    + € 0,00
  • 400 V.

    + € 0,00
Stainless steel raising frame
  • Stainless steel raising frame incl. 2 pairs of basket guides for 2 baskets

    + € 335,00
External detergent dosing unit
  • Rhima Mono 50 - 10000099 - Pro Wash

    + € 405,00
Built-in drain pump
  • Built-in drain pump

    + € 435,00
Weighted boiler element
  • Weighted boiler element 6.0 kW. / 400 V.

    + € 260,00
Double dirt filter system
  • Double dirt filter system

    + € 313,00
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Versionfront loading dishwasher
Built-in water softeneroptional
Built-in soap dosing unit
Built-in drain pump
Number of washing programs3
Weight61 kg
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeOn-site warranty
Width595 mm
Depth610 mm
Height845 mm
Maximum filling level320 mm
MaterialStainless steel
Basket size500x500 mm
Baskets per hour60
Boiler capacity5,7 liter
Tank capacity27 liter
Consumption per wash cycle2,5 liter

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Rhima dishwasher - DR50i PLUS -incl. break tank and rinse booster pump

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