Rhima DR40E PLUS glass washing machine Rhima

Rhima DR40E PLUS glass washing machine
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This fully double-walled glass washing machine is entirely made of chrome-nickel stainless steel and is designed to quickly and easily clean large numbers of glassware and / or cups and saucers. This glass rinsing machine is particularly suitable behind the bar due to its whisper-quiet operation.

Special features of the machine:

● Specifically suitable for connection to a RHIMA RO 41 reverse osmosis installation
● Basket size 400 x 400 mm
● Whisper quiet operation
● Very complete as standard: equipped with rinse aid dosing device, full insulation, break tank and rinse pressure booster pump, 3 automatic washing programs.
● Thermochrone rinse
● RINS (RHIMA Intensive Rinse System)
● Self-cleaning stainless steel wash and rinse arms
● Readable display
● Available in 230 volts
● Seamless deep drawn washing tank
● Whisper quiet operation
● Because the glass washing machine is completely double-walled, the machine works very quietly. A double-walled glass washing machine is a good choice in a bar with background music.

Compact size
The machine has a size of 450 x 530 x 720 mm (W x D x H) and is therefore easy to place under a bar top or work table. With a free set-up, a stainless steel raising stand is available for a more comfortable working height.

Basket size 40x40 cm
The glass washing machine is supplied with 2 dish baskets. One basket with flat bottom for large glasses or cups. A dish insert and a cutlery basket are also included. The second basket is a glass basket for 3 rows of glasses, with the glasses tilted slightly so that no water remains on the base of the glass. The machine is suitable for glasses up to 29 cm high.

Easy to maintain
Because the machine is completely double-walled, daily maintenance of the machine is also very simple. The basket guides are not mounted, but deep drawn in the side walls. The corners in the rear wall are rounded, as well as the bottom of the wash tank. This makes cleaning the glass washing machine very easy.

Non-polar glasses
In combination with the compact, mobile and high-quality stainless steel RHIMA reverse osmosis installation RO 41, this machine achieves a beautiful, polish-free result. This Belgaqua approved machine has a pressure booster pump, which rinses the hot rinse water over the dishes with a constant pressure. As a result, regardless of the external water supply pressure, a high-quality end result is always achieved.

Comes complete with:

- Open universal basket, C121400x400.
- Open glass basket (glasses are tilted) C7940x40
- Dish insert
- Cutlery cup

The water outlet of your dishwasher must be at least 5 cm above the sewer connection to achieve a natural course. If this is not possible, an optional drain pump can be installed.
* The price of the connection costs are based on installation within 1 day part (4 hours). If the installation takes longer, the extra hours will be charged separately.

Extra options

Connection costs (Please choose)
  • Do not let it connect

    + € 0,00
  • Connect *

    + € 375,00
Stainless steel raising frame
  • Stainless steel raising frame incl. 2 pairs of basket guides for 2 baskets

    + € 335,00
External detergent dosing unit
  • Rhima Mono 50 - 10000099 - Pro Wash

    + € 405,00
Built-in drain pump
  • Built-in drain pump

    + € 435,00
Plastic universal basket
  • Plastic universal basket

    + € 104,00
Open glass basket
  • Open glass basket, c79

    + € 107,00
Dish Insert Rack
  • Dish insert rack, 10728

    + € 25,00
Cutlery cup
  • Cutlery cup

    + € 5,00
Rhima stainless steel drying tray - 400
  • Rhima stainless steel drying tray - 400 - suitable for 400x400 mm baskets.

    + € 1.240,00
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Built-in water softeneroptional
Built-in soap dosing unit
Built-in drain pump
Number of washing programs3
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeOn-site warranty
Width450 mm
Depth530 mm
Height720 mm
Maximum filling level290 mm
MaterialStainless steel
Basket size400x400 mm
Baskets per hour30
Consumption per wash cycle1,8 liter
Voltage230 V
Wattage3,1 kW

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Rhima DR40E PLUS glass washing machine

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