Winterhalter UF-L Tool Washing Machine

Winterhalter UF-L Tool Washing Machine Winterhalter UF-L Tool Washing Machine Winterhalter UF-L Tool Washing Machine Winterhalter UF-L Tool Washing Machine Winterhalter UF-L Tool Washing Machine
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This is the real test for a dishwasher. Extremely persistent pollution. On different tools. When washing becomes a challenge, Winterhalter's UF series is in its element. Robust design. With great power. And innovative features, for excellent washing results and maximum hygiene. Suitable for different dishes thanks to the three different machine sizes. Are you a baker, butcher or caterer who has to wash crockery under extreme conditions? Then the UF is the machine for you ..


Touch screen and quick start button. Folding door. Basket transport trolley and folding basket. These are just a few of the many details that make operating the UF simple and, above all, ergonomic.


Wash tools under extreme conditions. The UF series is specially made for this: the high-quality materials and sturdy finish make the machine robust, absolutely reliable and very durable.


Protein, starch or fat, the UF tackles extremely heavy and persistent pollution every day. With a high performance washing system, up to 1 bar of water pressure and a soaking program, it is perfectly designed for the professional washing of tools.


Hygiene standards apply wherever food is handled. The UF ensures that these are adhered to, thanks to the well-thought-out interior of the machine, which is very easy to clean.


The UF is standard equipped with a stainless steel high-quality dishwashing system: the special geometry of the washing arm and the water pressure of up to 1 bar guarantee optimal cleaning performance throughout the washing machine. The "VarioPower" water pressure control guarantees that the washing pressure is perfectly adapted to the degree of soiling of the dishes. The result: perfectly washed tools and maximum hygiene.


Digitization creates new possibilities in the field of professional dishwashing systems. In addition, it increases safety and efficiency. Via CONNECTED WASH, the UF can be networked via LAN or WLAN (WiFi). Your usage data is analyzed and evaluated to make specific recommendations that optimize your washing process. With the accompanying app, you always have access to the data that is important to you and you are notified if there is a malfunction.


With the UF series of utensil washers, it is not just washing that goes smoothly. Cleaning the interior of the machine is also a problem; the optional folding door can be unlocked and simply folded down. This way, nothing gets in the way and the interior of the machine is easily accessible.


Ergonomic. Practical. Uncomplicated. The rack transport trolley is an accessory that allows large and heavy dishes to be collected quickly and easily transported to the machine. When the machine arrives, the basket is simply pushed into the machine directly from the transport trolley. And after washing, everything can be sorted and stored quickly. For an optimal work flow in the wash kitchen.


After the machine is filled, it takes a few minutes before it is ready to start. The UF can optionally be configured to directly fill the tank with warm water. The dishwasher is ready to use faster and uses less energy. Of course, that also applies if the tank water is changed during the day.


Intelligent energy consumption: As an option, every UF machine can be supplied with a built-in "Energy" function, a system for heat recovery from the exhaust air. The energy from the hot steam is used to preheat the cold supply water. This significantly reduces energy consumption, reduces operating costs and ensures that hardly any steam escapes when the machine is opened.


For the toughest tasks, the UF is available as an option with the "TurboZyme" pre-soaking procedure. Here, the dishes are soaked with the special 'enzyme-based pre-treatment agent' before the actual washing cycle starts, so that dried and caked dirt is already released. This guarantees an optimal washing result, even for the most difficult soiling, while saving time and effort. Manual pre-rinsing becomes easier and can even be completely skipped.


Anyone who works with protein and starch knows, it is important to pre-rinse with cold water so that the dirt does not stick to the dishes. All UF series utensil washers are optionally equipped with a cold water pre-rinse. Clean, cold water removes the dirt before the actual washing cycle starts. This guarantees a hygienically clean washing result and manual pre-rinsing is less labor-intensive.

Tank capacity: 69 liters
Inner dimensions basket: 612x672 mm (wxd)
Input height: 800 mm
Washing pump: 2.5 kW
Noise emission: <70 dB (A)
Water resistance: IPX5
Net / gross weight: 200/230 kg
Weight with Energy version net / gross: 235/265 kg
Max. water supply temperature: 60 ° C (Energy: 20 ° C)
Required dynamic water pressure: 1–6 / 100–600 bar / kPa
Required dynamic water pressure at Energy * 1: 1.5 –6 / 150–600 bar / kPa
Theoretical capacity standard * 2: 12/24/40 baskets / hour
Theoretical capacity short program * 2: 23/42/64 baskets / hour
Theoretical capacity HighTemp * 3: 10/15/20 baskets / hour
Required rinse water per wash * 4: 4.7 liters
Required rinse water per wash HighTemp * 4: 5.5 liters
Tank temperature: 63 ° C
Tank temperature HighTemp: 66 ° C
Rinse temperature: 85 ° C
Dimensions: 775x870x1915 mm (WxDxH)

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Built-in dosage incl. Suction lance for cleaning agent
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Built-in dosage incl. Suction lance for crust cracker
  • Built-in dosage incl. Suction lance for crust cracker

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Built-in dosage incl. Suction lance for defoamer
  • Built-in dosage incl. Suction lance for defoamer

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Performance package heating elements
  • Performance package heating elements

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Folding door
First fill with warm water directly into the tank
  • First filling with warm water directly in the tank *

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Heat Recovery Energy
Surcharge for stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Surcharge for stainless steel heat exchanger

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Leg elevation
Arrangement on wheels
Screen protection
  • Screen protection

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Security panels
Basket trolley
  • Basket trolley

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Intermediate rack
  • Intermediate rack

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Winterhalter UF-L Tool Washing Machine

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