Lubron - Water softener - EasySoft 450 SXT2 Lubron

Lubron - Water softener - EasySoft 450 SXT2
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Because water is used for countless purposes in every home and business, the removal of unwanted substances from tap water is often necessary.

Problems due to the "hardness" of the water (calcium and magnesium) are the most common. Lubron Water Treatment manufactures various models of water softeners for the removal of lime. The EASYSOFT SXT2 water softener is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled control valve.

The advantages of softened water are countless: longer service life of boilers, among other things, no heat losses due to limescale deposits on heating elements, savings on unexpected, time-consuming maintenance with mostly aggressive cleaning agents. Because the Lubron Water Treatment water softeners are equipped with food grade softening resin, they are extremely good
suitable for consumer applications.

The EASYSOFT SXT2 is often used for private use, but is also used for smaller applications in industry such as for air humidification in the utility and for the car wash sector and has a capacity ranging from 450 to 1700 liters / hour.

The EASYSOFT SXT2 consists of a plastic softener tank with internal water distributors. In the integrated salt storage vessel, brine is automatically prepared for the resin regenerations. Furthermore, the EASYSOFT SXT2 is equipped with an integrated double 3-way bypass valve for decommissioning the water softener while maintaining water supply. A fully automatic control valve (with built-in microprocessor) is mounted on the tank on the SXT2 version of this model. This ensures the regeneration of the resin. The EASYSOFT SXT2 is also equipped with a mixer integrated in the control valve to set a residual hardness. The regeneration of this microprocessor-controlled water softener can be carried out in three ways: volume, time and a combination of the two.

Property Value
Nom. hour cap. (ltr) 450
Periodcap. at 10 odH (m3) minimum 2.0 maximum 3.4
Salt consumption per full
regeneration (kg)
minimum 0.7 maximum 2.25
Pressure loss at nom. hour cap. (bar) 0.1
Resin content per tank (liter) 9
Salt tank capacity (kg) 25
Water-side connections Water supply 1 "BSP internal
Water drain 1 "BSP internal
Sewer 14 mm hose connection
Water temperature 5 - 40 oC
Required water pressure Minimum: 2.0 bar
Maximum: 7.0 bar
Electrical connections 230 V, 50 Hz
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Salt storage40 kg
Maximum water pressure7 kg/cm²
Minimum water pressure2 kg/cm²
Maximum temperature40 °C
Harsfilter15 liter
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeCarry-in garantie
Width262 mm
Depth463 mm
Height820 mm
Water connection1 BSP inwendig "

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Lubron - Water softener - EasySoft 450 SXT2

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