Brema flake ice machine MUSTER350, air cooled Brema

Brema flake ice machine MUSTER350, air cooled Brema flake ice machine MUSTER350, air cooled Brema flake ice machine MUSTER350, air cooled
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- External stainless steel 18/8 ground
- Cold flaking system
- Exclusive bunker

These devices, made by BREMA Ice Makers under their own patent, are the pinnacle of reliability and have great success thanks to their simplicity. The fixed, non-rotating, evaporator guarantees the safety of this product for a long time because it is not susceptible to problems that occur with rotating evaporator systems. Moreover, this product does not have to be subjected to installation and maintenance procedures such as those of other manufacturers.

The devices have both air and water cooling: when used at high temperatures, while the air cooling continues to operate, a pressure valve opens automatically causing the water cooling to start. This operation is necessary to guarantee optimum use in all circumstances with low (expensive) water consumption. (Drinking water is becoming more and more expensive) !. The ice, which is in the form of flat chips, has a temperature of -5 ° C / -8 ° C and is used in the fish and food industry.

The following storage bunkers are suitable for this flake ice machine, see the stock bunkers folder for this:

- BIN 350
- BIN 550 V DS

Attention before commissioning!
First pour 1 liter of water into the inner barrel! A water softener is recommended for very hard water.
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Type of coolingair cooled
Storage compartmentexternal bunker
Type of iceflake ice (dry)
Water dispenser
Cooling agentR452a
Weight137 kg
Ice cubes suitable forFish market, Supermarket, Medical, Company
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeCarry-in warranty
Ice production capacity400 kg/24u
Width900 mm
Depth588 mm
Height705 mm
Material exteriorStainless steel
Voltage230 V
Wattage2100 W

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Brema flake ice machine MUSTER350, air cooled

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