Brema ice cube machine VM350, water cooled Brema

Brema ice cube machine VM350, water cooled Brema ice cube machine VM350, water cooled Brema ice cube machine VM350, water cooled Brema ice cube machine VM350, water cooled
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- External stainless steel 18/8 ground
- Valve with removable filter for the condenser
- Exclusive bunker
- Type of block: V - 7 g

These devices, which make the ice cubes in a vertical evaporator, have a technology different from the devices that other manufacturers make. These ice cubes fall apart from each other from the evaporator, while in others the ice cubes are made on one plate that completely falls into the storage bunker, as a result of which the ice cubes only partially release each other and the plate remains unbroken and one still has to break it for ice cubes to tackle. The ice cream made has a pleasant pyramid shape with a weight of 7 grams. The many surfaces ensure that the cold is quickly delivered to carbonated drinks. These machines are widely used by fast food restaurants.

The following storage bunkers are suitable for this ice cube machine, see the stock bunkers folder for this:

- BIN 240 PE
- BIN 200

Attention before commissioning!
First pour 1 liter of water into the inner barrel! A water softener is recommended for very hard water.
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Type of coolingwater cooled
Type of icecubelet ice cream
Weight73 kg
Ice cubes suitable forHotel, Restaurant, Fast food, Bar / Café, Nightclub, Cocktail bar
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeCarry-in warranty
Ice production capacity140 kg/24u
Width540 mm
Depth544 mm
Height707 mm
Environmental requirements
Ambient temperature+10 / +43 ° C
Water supply temperature+3 / +32 ° C
Fuse16 A.

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Brema ice cube machine VM350, water cooled

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