Wine climate cabinets

Wine climate cabinets for the catering industry

The right temperature is a very important aspect for you as a catering entrepreneur. Our wine climate cabinets offer the ideal solution, so you don't have to worry about whether the large amount of wine remains at the right temperature.

Red wine temperature

For almost all red wines, they are best served at around 18 ºC. Red wine that is too cold has less flavor and accentuates the bitter tannins in the wine.

White wine temperature

White wine is served between 8 ° C and 11ºC. White wine served too cold may be refreshing, but the cold temperature means it doesn't taste like anything anymore.

Temperature full-bodied, wood-aged wines

A typical rich, full-bodied, wood-aged wines, taste best at the classic 'wine cellar temperature' of 13ºC. Allow the wine about 20 minutes to warm up slightly.

Temperature Rosé

12ºC is the ideal serving temperature for Rosé. When you serve rosé too cold, the taste is completely lost and that is of course not the intention.

Temperature Champagne and sparkling wines

Serve Champagne and other sparkling wines ice cold (5-7ºC).

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