Ice cream display cases

At you will find a wide range of the best professional ice cream display cases for your catering business. Our ice cream display cases not only stand for superior quality, they are also made to give the best possible presentation.

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1 - 60 of 85

The tastiest ice cream in the best ice cream display cases for the catering industry

Our ice cream display cases are ideal for catering companies. Especially with the warm weather, ice cream display cases are indispensable. No entrepreneur wants the quality of the ice cream to be lost due to the poor quality of your display case. You do not have to worry about this with the scoop ice cream display cases from We always deliver the best products for the best price! In our range you will find small sizes to large sizes of ice cream display cases with both convex and straight panes. Take the time to see which ice cream display case fits best in your catering company. Do you have questions? Please contact us, our employees are happy to help you and think along with you!

Static ice cream display cases

Our statically cooled ice cream display cabinets are ideal for maintaining a constant temperature. These can be perfectly combined with stainless steel containers. This ensures that the cold air that is blown into the display case by the evaporator is properly guided.

Forced ice cream display cases

In forced ice cream display cabinets, fans ensure that cold air at the top of the ice cream display cabinets keeps the ice at the perfect temperature. In this way, a cold air flow is created that ensures that even the most decorated ice cream remains at the right temperature.

Lease ice cream display case at

Would you rather not buy a scoop ice cream display case? Then we also offer a lease option at A scoop ice cream display case can be a considerable investment for some companies. At we give you the option to lease equipment from € 1500. Take a look at our lease terms for more information.



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