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You can order your catering cooking equipment online quickly and easily at With us you will find stylish professional cooking equipment for catering industrial kitchens. View our offer below and order.

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1 - 60 of 3829

You can buy cooking and baking equipment at offers a wide range of cooking and baking equipment of high quality and for a competitive price. With us you buy kitchen appliances for professional catering use. View the range online and easily order in the webshop.

Grilling and baking for the professional catering industry

In the catering industry, much use is made of grill and baking equipment. This equipment is different from what you are used to at home. Which is logical, because in the catering industry the grill and baking equipment has to endure a lot more. It is therefore important to use good professional grill and baking equipment. can help you with this. In our range you will find the best grill and baking devices.

Front cooking equipment for the catering industry

A cooking station, better known as front cooking, is preparing meals live in front of your customers so that your customers have a unique experience and will certainly remember your catering company. The Front cooking stations can be set up flexibly so that the station comes into its own even with less space.

Professional buffet equipment

Provide buffets on location or simply in your company. This will be all right with's buffet equipment. We have a wide range, ranging from food warmers, soup kettles to a salad bar.



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