Bain maries & boil maries

You can buy various types of professional bain maries from us. The drop-in or built-in bain maries are suitable for installation in buffets but also in, for example, a kitchen island. View the range and order.

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Buy a bain marie?

Our selection of bain-marie devices ensures that everything stays perfectly at the right temperature. Also ideal to combine with our vacuum packing machines. This way you can easily prepare sous-vide dishes. You will find bain maries in both electric and gas versions. Take a good look at the filters on the side of the page to find out more specifically the right bain-marie that best suits your company.

Advantages of the bain marie

Bain maries are used to keep dishes and sauces warm. A cooking marie has more power and can also be used to prepare dishes. The bain marie is ideal for keeping dishes warm, but is also necessary for preparing certain dishes such as egg products, for example soufflés, custards, certain cake dishes, egg sauces, eggnog, etc. Plenty of tasty dishes to prepare.

Melt chocolate with the double boiler

Chocolate is also best melted with the bain marie. The bain marie is filled with water, the water is heated to 100˚C. Gastronorm containers are placed in the water. The water acts as a buffer so that the dishes in the gastronorm containers do not get warmer than 100˚C. This process is called au bain marie. Au bain marie is often used to melt chocolate without boiling it. View our range of ' cooking and baking ' even more devices to make the most delicious dishes.

Keep warm with the bain marie

With a bain marie you can effectively keep food warm without compromising on quality and texture. An ideal way to speed up the cooking process so that you have more time and can work more efficiently. offers you the best price guarantee for our entire range of bain-marie equipment. If you have any further questions regarding the use of the bain-marie, the price or the implementation, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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