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Cleaning and maintenance for the catering industry. Hygiene is a very important item on the agenda for you as a catering entrepreneur. You will find with us, among other things   pre-rinse showers and hose reels so that you can let your company shine well prepared.

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Professional cleaning and hygiene

Every hospitality entrepreneur naturally wants a clean and tidy business. Besides the fact that it is much more pleasant to work in a clean environment, it is also much better for your health. In addition, it is mandatory for any business that works with food and drink to keep things tidy and clean. We at Horeca.com offer a wide range of various cleaning and hygiene products so that your company always looks spic and span.

Cleaning and hygiene for the catering industry

In the hospitality industry, good food and drink is of course the number 1 priority, but hygiene and cleaning come close behind. There are strict rules in this area that you as an entrepreneur must adhere to in order to avoid any fines and warnings. At Horeca.com we therefore offer a number of articles that help you to clean your company. To think of:

Of course you will find even more articles in the webshop that contribute to the hygiene and cleaning of your company. View the complete range and order all your supplies easily in the webshop.

Horeca.com: your supplier for catering products

At Horeca.com you have not only come to the right place for cleaning and hygiene items, but you have also come to the right place for your entire company. We provide a wide range of kitchen equipment , refrigeration and freezing equipment and small equipment for professional kitchens. View the complete range in the webshop and order easily and safely online. Do you have questions about one of our articles? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.



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