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Prepare the tastiest dishes on a grill or barbecue from In our range you will find various grill and barbecue models of the best quality, at the best price. View our range of barbecues and grills and order easily and safely online today.

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Professional barbecues and grills

Do you really want to prepare tasty meat, fish or vegetables? Then a professional barbecue or grill is indispensable in your company. In our range you will find a wide range of various grills and barbecues of high quality and suitable for catering use. Depending on your wishes and needs, you will find the perfect grill and / or barbecue for your company. Use the filters on the left and get an overview of the grills and barbecues that meet your requirements.

Want to buy a catering barbecue and grill?

You can buy a grill or barbecue for your catering company at You simply order your product in our webshop and enjoy fast delivery, free shipping with orders from € 250 and the best price guarantee. View our range of cooking & baking and buy your barbecue and grill in the webshop.

Difference between a grill and barbecue

Have you not yet been able to choose between a grill and a barbecue? Then we at are happy to help you by mapping out the differences. So that you can make an informed decision based on this. With a grill you briefly heat your food by heating it on a grill plate or grill pan. The 'heating process' takes longer on the barbecue, because the food is placed on a grid above the heat source. A heat source can be gas, charcoal or briquettes. The dish is frying or smoking on the barbecue and therefore takes longer than grilling. Nowadays, barbecues are also fast-paced in the Netherlands using hot coals, an electric barbecue or a large gas flame. As a result, the dish is ready faster than in the original barbecue way.

Cleaning of grill and barbecue

It remains a tedious job that nobody likes to do: cleaning the barbecue and / or grill. Nevertheless, it is important that this is done properly and regularly. We at therefore recommend cleaning the grill and / or barbecue every day. To do this, use a metal sponge / brush, warm water and a small drop of washing-up liquid. Wait to clean until the device has cooled down completely and then start your cleaning. If necessary, soak the grill of the barbecue overnight in a container with warm water and soapy water and then scrub the dirt off the next day. Dry everything well and your barbecue and / or grill is ready for use again.

Charges grill and barbecue

Now that you know the difference between a grill and barbecue, you can make an informed decision. You may choose to purchase both a grill and a barbecue. But then of course you want to know in which price range you should think. In our range you will find various types of barbecues and grills of different brands and different price ranges. The prices of a catering grill and catering barbecue are between € 100 and € 39,000. For example, at we always have a suitable grill or barbecue for every company. Do you have questions about purchasing a grill or barbecue? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.



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