A microwave should not be missing in a catering kitchen. A microwave is ideal for quickly defrosting or heating up food. In our range you will find a wide range for the catering industry. Of course of the best quality, at the best price!

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Catering microwave

A microwave is ideal for defrosting, preparing or keeping any dish warm. With the many different options and functions, the microwave is a widely used kitchen appliance. The multifunctional kitchen appliance is mainly used by companies with a high turnover rate. Due to the high preparation speed, customers can be served smoothly. View our range of catering microwaves and order today.

Microwaves from Horeca.com

Depending on your preference, we offer microwaves with liter capacities ranging from 20 to over 40 liters. Each microwave has numerous cooking programs, which make it possible to prepare any dish according to your own wishes. You can also opt for a microwave with extra functions, such as convection and grill. The microwave is operated by means of a user-friendly display, with which various settings, such as time, temperature or the different cooking programs can be set.

Professional (combi) microwaves from well-known brands

At Horeca.com you will find various types of high-quality microwaves. With us you are assured of a good product for the best price. In our range you will find microwaves from well-known catering brands. See below a small selection of microwave brands from our range:

  • Panasonic microwave;
  • Bartscher microwave;
  • Samsung microwave;
  • And a Caterchef microwave.

View the entire range of microwaves and order the perfect microwave for your company at Horeca.com. Did you know that Horeca.com also offers the option of leasing a microwave? Pay a monthly fee and after the lease period you even have the option to become the owner of the product. If you have any questions about one of our microwaves, please contact us. Our experts in the field of catering equipment are happy to help you.



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