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A refrigerated workbench cools and offers space for preparing food at the same time. You can choose from various types, including refrigerated workbenches with self-acting defrost. View our extensive range of cooling workbenches and order!

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Refrigerated workbench catering

As a catering entrepreneur, you can no longer work without a refrigerated workbench. A cooling workbench consists of a top and a bottom. The upper part is used as a workbench and must be of high quality. The lower part consists of several refrigerators with doors or drawers. A refrigerated workbench is intended to prepare food for it and then keep these food items refrigerated in the cooling segments in the bottom. The purpose of a refrigerated workbench is therefore to prepare and store food. You will find in our range refrigerated workbenches with drawers and without drawers.

Refrigerated counters catering industry

In our webshop you will only find refrigerated workbenches for professional use. has a wide range of refrigerated workbenches in all types, varying from large benches with plenty of work space to cool food, to smaller versions that are ideal for use in small kitchens. In addition, you will find various well-known brands of refrigerated workbenches in our range. See a small selection of our brands below:

  • Afinox refrigerated workbench;
  • Combisteel cooling workbench.
  • Gram refrigerated workbench;
  • Polar cooling workbench;

Our refrigerated workbenches are also available in various price ranges. Via the filter options built into our webshop you can easily search for the cooling equipment that meets your needs. The maximum price, the number of sections, these kinds of refinements are easy to apply. It does not matter what your budget is, at you will always find a refrigerated workbench that meets your needs. Naturally, our products are new and of good quality, so that you can be sure that you are purchasing the best product for your catering company.

A professional saladette with every buffet

If people join you for the buffet, a beautiful saladette is certainly something that should not be missing in your company. In addition to the hot food, the customer also likes to pack a salad. With a saladette you can present this nicely and clearly. You will find an extensive range of refrigerated workbenches with saladette in our range. Always of high quality, at the best price.

Pizza workbenches

With the pizza workbenches you ensure that you can prepare all kinds of dishes comfortably. The pizza workbenches include a handy cooled top space, where you can store your GN containers. They are made of high-quality metal for hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Refrigerated counters; also very suitable for small kitchens

Don't have much space in your kitchen and are you looking for an easy solution for both food preparation and refrigerated storage? A cooling system is certainly recommended. Do you have questions about the purchase of a new refrigerated workbench? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!



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