Combi steamers

Combi steamers & ovens

Cooking, baking, grilling and steaming. This is child's play for a combi steamer. At you will find several combi steamers that make working in your hospitality business a lot more enjoyable. For example, you can choose a gas combi steamer or an electric steamer with us. A combisteamer is a multifunctional device that is indispensable in your catering kitchen. In addition to this luxury kitchen appliance doing an excellent job as an oven, you can also use the steam function. Steaming ensures that dishes are heated in a way that the taste and scents are not lost.

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1 - 60 of 207

Operation of the combi steamers

The combi steamers are easy to operate and you can specify exactly at what temperature you want a product to be steamed and how long this should take place. In addition, you can also set the amount of steam and the defrost manually. So you can indicate very precisely how you want products to be prepared and you therefore have everything under control. The combi steamers also have a core temperature meter, so you can easily discover whether a product is already warm inside or not yet. This combination device takes up little space and adds an extra dimension to your catering kitchen.