Every company is different, but a healthy environment is high on the list of priorities for all entrepreneurs. At Horeca.com you will find a wide range of extractor hoods. All hoods are supplied with fire-resistant grease filters so that you can work safely.

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At Horeca.com we offer a wide range of extractor hoods from well-known brands that serve professional use. You will find various dimensions, sizes and types of extractor hoods with us. Whether you are looking for a:

you will find it at Horeca.com. Order an extractor hood without motor or with motor in the Horeca.com webshop and receive your order within 5 working days, if available, at the address you specified. Buy your extraction online at Horeca.com, at the best price and of high quality.

How does an extraction work?

An extraction system absorbs and extracts fumes and odors that arise from cooking. In a large and professional kitchen, extensive and intensive cooking is done. It is therefore not surprising if you have a lot to do with different smells in the kitchen. Extractor hoods have been developed to eliminate these odors and to obtain hygienic clean air. A recirculation range hood is just a different type of extraction. Where the 'normal' extractor hood removes the dirty air to the outside, a recirculation extraction sucks up the dirty air and blows out clean air. So you always work in a clean environment and (unwanted) odors are absorbed. Hygiene is very important in the catering industry, both in the kitchen and in the area where the guests come. Horeca.com helps you to keep your company clean and hygienic.

Extractor hood installation

The installation of an extractor hood is very important if you want to have a properly functioning system in your company. It is best to leave this to a qualified technician, as they know what to do and what to look out for. Would you prefer to adjust your extractor hood yourself? Then follow the steps in the manual and if you have any questions, please contact an accredited installation agency. Do you have questions about one of our extractor hoods or do you want help with the installation? Please contact us, we are happy to help you and think along with you!

Clean the extractor hood

An extraction is used intensively day in, day out by you and your employees. Dirty and greasy vapors are sucked up and discharged outside. You should therefore regularly clean the filters of the extraction. Over time, the extraction also becomes dirty and greasy on the inside and this part also requires a 'big' cleaning. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about this and this requires cleaning once in a while. To prevent the risk of fire, it is advisable to have the entire extraction system checked and cleaned periodically by a recognized company. This means you can use your extractor hood for years to come!



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