Are you looking for a new hob? Then you've come to the right place at Horeca.com. In our range you will find a wide range of different hobs from various well-known brands such as Electrolux Pro, Scholl Gastro and Ubert. View our range of hobs below and order directly!

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Buy a hob at Horeca.com

Buying a hob at Horeca.com is very easy and can be done entirely online. View the wide range of hobs, select the model that suits you and your company and follow the payment process. Not sure yet which model to choose? Then use the filters on the left and indicate your preferences. You will then see an overview of hobs that meet all your needs. So buy your hob today at Horeca.com and you will receive your order, if available, within a few days at the address you specified. In addition to hobs, you can also buy induction hobs, contact grills and more kitchen appliances at Horeca.com.

Professional hobs

In the Horeca.com range you will find professional hobs of A-quality. We offer high-quality and well-known brands, such as Electrolux Pro, Rieber and Ubert. Our products are made of excellent material and therefore have a long lifespan. This way you can enjoy your kitchen appliances from Horeca.com for years to come. In addition, you never pay too much with us, we keep an eye on our competitors and therefore always offer the best price guarantee. We also offer a minimum of 1 year warranty on all our hobs. So order a professional hob today at Horeca.com and enjoy these benefits.

Wide range of hobs

At Horeca.com we know that not every catering company is the same and that every entrepreneur has his or her own wishes and needs. We are happy to respond to this by offering an extensive and varied range to our customers. This can be seen, for example, in our versatile range of hobs. You will find in our range:

  • Electric hobs;
  • Induction hobs;
  • Ceramic hobs.

View the complete range of hobs if you are not yet sure which model to go for. Do you have questions about one of our hobs? Please contact us, we are happy to help you, think along with you and if necessary offer you an alternative!



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