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Make the most delicious Asian dishes with the right wok means. In our range you will find a wide range of wok equipment to prepare the most delicious wok dishes. View the range and order a new wok table today.

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1 - 60 of 78

Buy wok tables?

Would you like to buy a wok stove, wok table or wok burner? Then is the partner you are looking for! In our range you will find various sizes, types and models of wok equipment. Of course all against the best price guarantee! If you opt for a wok table , you have the advantage that you have storage space available under the wok table. For example, you can place your wok pans or ingredients below and have them within reach.

Wok for the catering industry

In the Netherlands we have a large number of wok restaurants, each of which makes delicious dishes. These dishes are prepared on only the best wok appliances for the catering industry. You can now find it in the range. In the range you will find, among other things:

In short: everything to provide your company with only the best wok equipment. View the offer and make your choice.

Nayati wok table

The most famous wok table among catering businesses is the Nayati wok table. The Nayaiti wok tables are made of stainless steel and have a stylish design. You will find the Nayati wok table in our range and can choose from different models and various price ranges. For example, you can choose from a wok table with 1 wok burner or you can opt for a wok table with 2 wok burners. That way you will always find a wok table that suits your company and your budget! Do you have questions about one of our wok tables? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.



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