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With us you will find professional cooling and freezing equipment suitable for every catering entrepreneur. Everything at very competitive prices and from renowned brands including Gram, Liebherr, Polar, Hoshizaki, Combisteel, Isa, Knonus, Snowflake and Roeder.

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Wide range of professional catering fridges

If you are looking for a professional catering refrigerator, is the right place for you. You will find different types, models and variants of refrigerators and freezers in our range. Below we list some of these cabinets.

Buying a glass door refrigerator?

A glass door refrigerator is perfect for professional use in catering, catering and companies. With the purchase you have a showcase to present your product range attractively. A refrigerator with a glass door also ensures optimal impulse sales in your shop, petrol station or at event catering.

Buy closed door fridges

A closed door refrigerator is especially suitable for storage of products that you want to keep in your catering company. If you choose a closed door at, you can choose from different types of well-known brands of refrigerators. All at competitive prices!

Catering bottles fridges

A bottle-bar refrigerator is especially suitable for under or behind a bar in your catering company. For example, do you already know the Liebherr wine refrigerators? This type of refrigerator is very popular among catering entrepreneurs. You will also find this brand in our range.

Professional wine climate cabinets

Wine climate cabinets are intended for long-term storage of all types of wine under ideal conditions. The same temperature prevails throughout the cabinet. Wine climate cabinets are suitable for storing all types of wines at approximately serving temperature. At the bottom of the cupboard, where it is colder, you can store white wine and rosé and further up, where it is warmer, the various types of red wine.

Versions catering refrigerator

The professional fridges are available with a stainless steel or white exterior finish. For the inside you can choose from plastic, stainless steel or aluminum. Catering refrigerators have a high cooling capacity and in most cases have a fan. The noise level is slightly higher than with a static consumer refrigerator.

Fridge on legs or mobile?

The catering fridges can be ordered with legs or wheels. The advantage of a mobile refrigerator is that it is easy to clean and that the cabinet is, of course, easy to move. This way you can move the refrigerator whenever you want. Do you have questions about one of our coolers and freezers? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you and provide you with the correct information.



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