Shawarma, Döner / Gyros

Serve the tastiest shoarma, gyros or döner sandwiches using a professional grill. We offer high quality products for a competitive price! View the wide range below and order directly.

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Want to buy shoarma gyros or doner grill?

Are you planning to serve shawarma in your catering company? Then a professional shoarma grill is a good start. You need equipment tailored to what you offer. In this way, the taste comes into its own and you keep the guests happy. Choose a high-quality shoarma grill, these are available on gas or electricity. The spit on which the meat is attached turns around. We have several models that are only driven from the bottom, but also shoarma grills with a motor from above and below. The heating elements on the sides ensure that the meat is cooked gradually and everywhere and stays warm. Some have more burners than others. Think about what you need and base your choice on that. You can of course buy a shoarma grill, gyro grill or doner grill at



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