At locations where there is no fixed gas or electricity connection, you can use the hokkers from Horeca.com. Are you looking for a handy and compact model hokker to use on the terrace, at parties and parties? You can find it in the Horeca.com webshop.

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Buy lofts?

If you are looking for a breeder, Horeca.com is the right place for you. In our range you will find various types of lofts. For example, we offer lofts with 1 -burner, 2-burner and electric lofts. Our lofts are of high quality and a competitive price. We also always offer a minimum of 1 year warranty and free shipping from € 250 in the Netherlands. Do not wait any longer and buy your loft at Horeca.com.

Gas and electric lofts

The gas and electric lofts of Horeca.com are all made of professional and high-quality material. With a large gas burner for the preparation of various dishes or a simple gas stove from Modular you get the best at home. The products below can be used both for the professional catering environment and on location. At Horeca.com you order Hokkers that work on different types of gas, even liquid gas. Do you have questions about one of our lofts? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you with all your questions.



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