Cooking kettles

Are you looking for professional cooking kettles? Which you want to enjoy. Then view our various cooking kettles from our collection.
We have gas-fired boilers in various sizes, with contents up to 150 liters.

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1 - 60 of 95

That is very easy if you have to fill a lot of mouths with one type of dish. That can of course be in institutional kitchens, company canteens, but also in busy restaurants. In particular, it depends on the type of dishes that you want to make with the cooking kettle or whether you opt for a double-walled or single-walled model. If you mainly use the pan for soups or sauces, opt for a double-walled appliance. You then reduce the risk of burning. If you are going to use the cooking kettle for cooking vegetables, then a single-walled model can be used well. In any case, the gas-fired boilers from are professional appliances that heat evenly through good and well-placed gas burners.



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