The search for suitable and professional dishwasher equipment does not have to be difficult. Our well-arranged webshop contains various catering dishwashers that can take a lot of work off your hands. Order directly and take advantage of the many advantages.

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Want to buy a catering dishwasher?

Buy your catering dishwasher online at You probably recognize the crowds that arise when too many dishes accumulate for the dishwasher. The guests in your catering company are eating and drinking, the staff clears the table after the guests have paid and left the table and puts the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand is not an option, because new customers are already waiting for a tasty meal. It is therefore important that the dishes are quickly cleaned again and can be served, so that the customers who have just joined can enjoy clean plates and glasses. Then a dishwasher is of course the ideal solution.

Advantages of a front loader dishwashers

A large amount of dirty dishes must be washed every day. This must be immediately clean and ready for use for your guests. To get this job done quickly and properly, you need a professional dishwasher. This takes a lot of work and dirty dishes off your hands. A front-loading dishwasher is ideal for use in restaurants, canteens and smaller catering companies. The machines can withstand the highest demands you place in your catering business.

Professional catering dishwashers

Are you looking for a professional dishwasher for the catering industry? Then a pass-through dishwasher is exactly the machine you are looking for. A pass-through dishwasher can be a good solution for your company for quickly getting rid of the dishes. This catering dishwasher can also be expanded with a supply and discharge table, but we leave this choice up to you. If you have any questions about these two differences, you can always contact us. We like to help you.

Polishing machines for the catering industry

Cleaning cutlery or rinsing glasses quickly and efficiently is a lot easier with a high-quality polishing machine for catering use. The big advantage is that you keep these items out of normal dishwasher work, so that no cutlery is left behind in the machine. In addition, a polishing machine with all kinds of useful functions, so that cutlery and glasses are cleaned very efficiently and very quickly.

Lease catering dishwasher

A professional dishwasher for the hospitality industry can be a significant investment for your company. We are therefore happy to give you the option to lease. Take a look at our lease conditions there.



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