Searching for suitable professional dishwashing equipment does not have to be difficult. In our well-arranged webshop you will find various dishwashing machines that will take a lot of work off your hands. In the wide range you will find, among other things, front-loading dishwashers, drying trays and accessories for these items. In addition to our wide selection, we also have very competitive prices. Order directly and benefit from free shipping and fast delivery!

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The guests in your hospitality business are eating and drinking well, the staff cleans the table after paying the customer and puts the dirty dishes down for the dishwashers. Washing the dishes by hand is not an option because new customers are already waiting for a nice meal. It is therefore important that the dishes are quickly cleaned again so that you can provide the new customers who have moved with clean plates and glasses. Then a dishwasher is the ideal solution.

Front-loading dishwashers

A large amount of dirty dishes must be washed off each day. This must be immediately clean and ready for use for your guests. To do this job quickly and well, you need a professional dishwasher. This takes a lot of work and dirty dishes out of your hands. A front-loading dishwasher is ideal for use in restaurants, canteens and the smaller catering businesses. The machines can cope with the highest requirements that you set in your hospitality business.

Pass-through dishwashers for the professional

For quick removal of the dishes, a sliding dishwasher can be a good solution for your company. The dishwasher can also be expanded with a supply and disposal table, but we are happy to leave this choice to you.

Polishing machines for the hospitality industry

Cleaning cutlery quickly and efficiently or rinsing glasses is a lot easier with a high-quality polishing machine. The big advantage is that you keep these items outside of normal dishwashing operations, so that no cutlery remains in the machine. In addition, a polishing machine with all kinds of useful functions, so that cutlery and glasses can be cleaned very efficiently and very quickly.