Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances

We have a very extensive range of professional kitchen equipment for your hospitality business, including vacuum machines, slicers and professional vegetable cutters. Discover our range and order professional kitchen equipment for your hospitality business today.

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Vacuum machines for the hospitality industry

Vacuum machines are often used to vacuum package and seal leftover food or ingredients within a few seconds. This beautiful technique keeps the food fresh for much longer. Sensitive ingredients can be vacuum-packed in a good way through a pressure regulator. You almost never have to throw away any more ingredients and thanks to a vacuum machine you can work much more efficiently in your hospitality business. The plastic bags are attached to the device and completely surround the ingredients and food. Thanks to a handy push button and sealing bar, your products are vacuum packed within a few minutes.

Professional cutting machines

You can use a meat slicer for slicing processed meats. These machines are ideally suited for cutting slices of ham and carpaccio to the exact right thickness, for example. Because a meat machine has a smooth knife, it is possible to cut nice, wafer-thin slices with it. This is not always possible with a normal meat cleaver. In addition to meat, a meat slicer can also be used to cut cheese.