If you work a lot with dough, a proofer is indispensable for your company. Professional proofers with which you can make the dough rise perfectly is then that easy. Below you will find professional proofers for large use. View the offer and order directly.

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What is a proofer?

Using a rice box, you can make dough travel faster and more hygienically. Because a proofer is completely closed, no dirt is involved and the dough has all the peace to rise. In addition to a professional proofer, you will also find a dough mixer , rolling pin or kneading machines at With us you have come to the right place if you are looking for professional catering equipment for a bakery, industrial kitchen, catering kitchen or other eatery.

More about our proofers

Proofers are devices that can accommodate plates of dough at a certain temperature. Not only is the temperature important for proper proofing, the humidity must also be adjustable for a perfect result. Often a temperature program can be set with which the Driving program can be stopped in the meantime by setting a lower temperature.

Buy a proofer?

At you can easily and safely buy a proofer in our webshop. In our range you will find various types of proofers of high quality, at a competitive price. You will receive a minimum of 1 year warranty on your product with your purchase. Do you have questions about one of our proofers? Please contact us, we are happy to help and think along with you.



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