Fermostock racks

View the well-known Fermostock racks in the Horeca.com webshop. Here you will find different models, completely in accordance with all production regulations and standards regarding hygiene and cleaning conditions. Make your choice and order directly online.

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1 - 60 of 700

Fermostock racks

Fermostock's racks are extremely suitable for cold stores and freezers. Because these racks are available in different versions, they fit in any room. View the space and compose your own statement. Do you have questions about one of our propositions? Please contact us. We are happy to help you and think along with you about an alternative.

Certified racks

Fermostock racks are fully HACCP approved. This means that these systems have the NF food hygiene and NSF certificate. Due to the rounded corners and the flat surfaces, the Fermostock racks are ideal for use in the storage of foodstuffs and medicines. In our webshop you will find a suitable rack for every cold store and freezer. At Horeca.com you have come to the right place for catering racks and racks.

Why a Fermostock theorem?

A Fermostock theorem is used for the storage of various purposes. From medicines to food. With the help of a Fermostock rack you can store products dry and cool. In addition, you can place these racks in office buildings, hospitals and industrial kitchens. The racks are easy to install and easy to maintain. At Horeca.com you can choose from two types of Fermostock racks: the racks and the rack trolleys. View these two models, compare products and choose the rack or rack trolley that best suits you and your company.



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