Wine cabinets

Wine cabinets

At we sell wine climate cabinets, wine coolers and wine storage cabinets from various well-known brands. We are happy to explain the difference so that you know what type of wine cabinet best suits you and your wishes. View the range and choose the best suitable wine cabinet for you.

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Wine climate cabinet for different temperatures

In a wine cooler you can store wines at the ideal serving temperature. This is therefore also called a serving cabinet. Serving the wine at the right temperature brings out all the aromas to their fullest. The temperature range is usually between 8 and 18 ° C. Many of our wine coolers also give you the option to set different temperature zones, allowing you to store different types and colors of wine at the same time.

Wine storage cabinet

You can use a wine storage cabinet for maturing wine. The climate of a traditional wine cellar is simulated in a wine storage cabinet. In this calm, cool and stable environment, wines can flourish optimally. Ideal for wine lovers and companies who want to radiate professionalism and authenticity to their guests. At we offer a wide range of wine storage cabinets. Order your wine storage cabinet online or make a quote without obligation.

Why a wine fridge?

A wine fridge is simply a refrigerator that is intended to store wines for shorter periods of time. With a wine fridge you can easily serve your wines at serving temperature. These cabinets often look luxurious and stylish. Wine refrigerators are also often of a somewhat smaller size. With a wine fridge you keep the wine at the right temperature and you can enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine.

Buy a wine fridge?

Buy a wine fridge at We offer you only the very best wine refrigerators. We work with the best brands such as wine refrigerators from Liebherr to deliver only the very best quality to you. You are also assured of a best price guarantee. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Via our contact page you can easily get in touch with us through various media. We are happy to help you choose the ideal wine fridge for your company!