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With a baking tray you can prepare delicious dishes in the industrial kitchen for your customers. In addition to the electric baking trays and gas baking trays, you will also find a wide range of lava stone grills and handy steam grills at View our offer and order online.

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Buy baking trays?

Buying baking trays for the catering industry is easy and safe at A baking tray or grill plate is of course part of today's modern kitchen design. At you will find both the electric griddles and gas griddles . With well-known brands such as Roeder, Modular and MKN, our range is very wide. Sustainability and ease of maintenance are paramount in our selection of each griddle or grill plate. So buy your baking tray at

Baking trays for the catering kitchen

With the baking trays and grill plates from you are assured of good quality at a competitive price. The baking trays and grill plates are made of stainless steel and available in various sizes, electric or gas. Due to the sturdy construction, they are also durable and maintenance-friendly. Professional baking and grill plates are indispensable in a catering kitchen. There are many different types of baking and grill plates, so that there is always one that suits your catering company.

Professional baking trays electric

Cleverly designed, made of durable materials and easy to maintain. Each baking tray is selected for various properties that are important for the professional catering environment. Are you looking for an electric griddle that is easy to move, or a somewhat larger sized electric griddle? Choose from various models and brands of electric griddles such as Bartscher and Diamond. With an electric griddle from Caterchef you are assured of a maintenance-friendly griddle for years to come. The electric griddle from Roeder is made entirely of strong stainless steel and has a high splash edge. The griddle is standard equipped with a handy fat drip tray and the operation of this electric griddle is made easy by the simple control knob.

Grill plates for preparing delicious grilled dishes

A professional grill plate for your catering company is indispensable if you want to serve your customers a delicious grilled dish. With a grill plate, you can also bake fine vegetables in addition to a piece of meat. You can contact us for various grill plates such as ribbed, closed plates and grids, both of which allow the fat and juices to leave the dish, large plates for two burners and the smaller version for a gas burner.



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