Pasta cookers

With a pasta cooker you can easily and quickly prepare a complete pasta meal. The pasta cookers from are of high quality, from well-known brands and also the best price. View the range below and order directly.

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1 - 60 of 90

Why a pasta cooker?

Pasta cookers are used in the modern catering kitchen if you want to offer a fresh and warm portion of pasta dishes for every customer. By means of the small pasta baskets you can prepare small portions in the boiling water. With the help of the built-in thermostat you no longer have to worry about the water. Where you used to have a pasta pan with a sieve on the stove, you can now finish it with a pasta cooker in the kitchen. You will find professional pasta cookers, for easy use, in the webshop.

Cooking pasta dishes

We no longer just eat spaghetti and macaroni. There are more and more people who are real pasta lovers and who want more than the standard varieties. Pasta dishes have a great variety. For example, you can prepare various types of pasta with meat, vegetables or fish, but you can also choose to create a delicious pasta salad. That is why there are more and more pasta dishes on the menu of the catering entrepreneur. Time for pasta cooking on a large scale and that is done with the pasta cookers from

Buy pasta tubes?

If you are looking for a professional pasta cooker, is the right place for you. offers professional pasta cookers of high quality and at a competitive price. In addition, you will find brands that simplify work at our well-known catering industry. Do you have a question about one of our pasta tubes? Please contact us, we are happy to help and think along with you.



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