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Cooking pasta with the pasta cookers from

Pasta cookers are used in the modern catering kitchen if you want to be able to offer a fresh and warm portion of pasta dishes to every customer.
By using the small pasta baskets you can prepare small portions in the boiling water.
With the built-in thermostat you no longer have to worry about the water. where you used to have a pasta pan with strainer on the stove, you can now finish it in the kitchen with a pasta cooker.

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cooking pasta dishes. We no longer just eat spaghetti and macaroni and there are a lot of people who are true pasta lovers. Pasta dishes have a wide variety and with meat, vegetables or fish you can also choose a delicious pasta salad. There are therefore more and more pasta dishes on the menu at the hospitality entrepreneur. Time for pasta cooking on a large scale and that is done with the pasta cookers from