Kitchens often work with recipes that are combined on the basis of various ingredients. To add the right amounts, a scale is indispensable. At you will find scales suitable for every catering kitchen.

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Buy catering kitchen scales

If you are looking for a professional kitchen scale, is the right place. In our range you will find a wide and diverse range of scales. All for professional use and of excellent quality. In addition, you never pay too much with us and you do not compromise on quality. All our scales come with a minimum of 1 year warranty and can be delivered within 5 working days, if available. Weigh the products and buy your scale today at You order easily and securely online.

Which scale to use?

At you can find any type of scale whether you are looking for a digital scale or an analog scale. You will find it all in our extensive range. You will also find well-known brands of scales here, such as the Hendi kitchen scales, EMGA scales and Weighstation scales. Do you work with different weights? That's no problem either, because you will find different maximum weights in our range of scales. You think about which scale you need for your company and we offer it! Do you have a question about one of our scales? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Everything for the company kitchens is also the right place for small equipment in the kitchen, because small catering equipment is also indispensable in the kitchen. Think about:

Without all these accessories in a kitchen you can hardly do without and are therefore indispensable. Fortunately, this is not necessary and offers a choice of more than 10,000 professional catering equipment. You can place an order with us throughout the day, we are open 24 hours a day online. So you can come and shop with us whenever it suits you.



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