Charcoal grill ovens

The Josper charcoal grill oven is a combination of grill and oven in one device. Josper grill uses less energy than a regular oven and the taste and aromas are better than with a regular barbecue. View the offer and order directly.

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Buy charcoal grill oven

You can easily buy a charcoal grill oven in the webshop. In our range you will find a wide range of various charcoal grill ovens at a competitive price and of high quality. With a charcoal grill you can barbecue every day of the year. You no longer have to wait for nice summer weather, but you can use the charcoal grill oven at any time of the day. Therefore, view the range in the webshop and order directly.

Charcoal grill oven; an authentic taste experience

With a charcoal grill oven you provide a real authentic taste experience to the dish and give your customers an unforgettable taste experience. We at also strongly recommend that you add a draft diverter to your order. A draft diverter prevents sparks and flames from jumping to the ventilation ducts. Do you have questions about one of our professional charcoal kilns? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you and provide you with more information.

Josper charcoal grill oven

In our range you will find the well-known Josper Wood grill ovens. We have various Josper charcoal models in the webshop, each with unique features, a competitive price and high quality. The Josper charcoal grill oven can be ordered easily and safely in the webshop. In addition to the Josper charcoal grill oven, you will also find grill ovens from the well-known Roeder brand in the range. Also easy to order and pay at



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