Hoshizaki ice / water dispenser DCM-120KE-P EU Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki ice / water dispenser DCM-120KE-P EU
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Hoshizaki ice and / or water dispensers are the answer to your question to produce, store and use ice cubes in a very hygienic way. The freshly made ice immediately ends up in the storage bunker without light and air being able to influence the ice quality before you need it. The portion size is easy to dose, making it easy to adjust the amount of ice cream to the end user. This prevents waste.

Hoshizaki ice and / or water dispensers are ideal for all workplaces where there is a need for hygienic ice water. Think of schools, large offices, hospitals, fast food and banketing. The machines are compact and energy efficient.

• Our DCM series produces ice, ice & water or water and is therefore ideal for hotels, offices, schools, cruise ships and hospitals

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Extra options

Hoshizaki Water Filter
  • Hoshizaki water filter 4HC-H SINGLE with installation kit

    + € 193,00
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Storage compartmentinternal bunker
Type of icecubelet ice cream
Water dispenser
Cooling agentR 134a
Weight57 kg
Ice cubes suitable forFast food, Restaurant, Hotel, Cocktail bar, Bar / Café
Warranty2 jaar
Warranty typeOn-site warranty
Ice production capacity125 kg/24u
Storage bin capacity4 kg
Width350 mm
Depth585 mm
Height815 mm
Material exteriorStainless steel
Voltage230 V
Wattage480 W



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