The Quooker tap: a real all-rounder

With a Quooker tap you not only have hot and cold water, the Quooker tap also provides 100°C boiling and even sparkling water. Put a refreshing sparkling glass of lemonade or pot of tea on the table in no time. Cooking and washing up is now even easier. The long wait is a thing of the past with a Quooker tap.

Besides a good, also a sustainable choice!

In addition to being a good and sensible choice to make, the Quooker tap is also a sustainable choice. With the help of a Quooker, you waste less water, because you tap exactly the amount you need. In addition, this also saves energy, because you do not have to use the kettle to boil water in advance. The Quooker COMBI reservoir is also rated with energy label A. This means that you immediately have cold, warm and hot water at your disposal. And what about the plastic bottles you save with a Quooker tap? With the Quooker CUBE you always have sparkling water at home. Also opt for the convenience of the all-in-one tap and order your Quooker tap directly in the Horeca.com webshop.

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Quooker: the tap that does it all

A Quooker tap is the 3-in-1 tap that provides boiling water in addition to hot and cold. At Quooker you have the option of two types: the Fusion and Flex. Both taps provide cold, water and boiling water, only the Quooker Flex has a flexible pull-out hose with which you can easily clean the sink. A Quooker tap is connected to the water reservoir. If water is tapped, fresh water immediately flows into the reservoir directly under the sink. The reservoir is so well insulated that the warm has nowhere to go. Would you also like to be able to get filtered and sparkling water from the tap? Then you can combine the Quooker with the Quooker CUBE.

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How does a Quooker work?

A Quooker tap is much more than an ordinary kitchen tap. With the help of a Quooker tap you can tap cold, warm and even hot water from the same tap! No complicated installation is required for this. The Quooker tap is placed on the sink itself and the reservoir is placed under the sink. The reservoir is connected to the water supply. As a result, water comes directly into the reservoir when you draw boiling water from the tap. With a Quooker tap, the use of a kettle is a thing of the past. But it doesn't stop there. With the help of the Quooker CUBE you can now also dispense filtered sparkling water. In combination with a Quooker Flex or Quooker Fusion, you have a delicious glass of cool sparkling and filtered water within seconds. Put together your Quooker faucet and enjoy the many benefits!

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