Full Service Delivery & installation

  • Delivery on a day of your choosing

  • We deliver the service that suits you

  • New device is placed neatly

  • Old device can be returned

  • Register the device for a 5-year warranty * excluding wine cabinets

The equipment is packed as standard and delivered to the front door. An additional service that we offer is unpacking, installing and connecting the equipment. This Full Service delivery is possible at an additional cost and is only available in the Netherlands. Read the terms and conditions of Full Service deliveries .

Full service delivery costs

  • Fixed rate € 150 excl. VAT
  • Extra price per extra cupboard € 62.50 excl. VAT


With a full service delivery the following activities are performed:

  • Placing the device in the desired location (if passages allow this)
  • Unpacking and removing the foil
  • Connecting the device's electricity
  • Disposal of the old device and packaging material


The following activities are not included in a full service delivery:

  • Installing or relocating electricity lines
  • Bringing the refrigerator up or down via the stairs (so with elevator)
  • Evacuating the access, passage or placement space
  • Connecting any additional accessories ordered
  • Level the floor
  • Performing chopping and breaking work
  • Excessive work when removing the old device


Any additional work related to the above will be charged to you on the basis of actual costs.
After € 45 minutes € 22.50 per 10 minutes (based on actual costs)

How does it work?

With every device in our webshop you will find the option to choose 'Full service delivery' as an extra option. If you have checked this, the delivery will be carried out with the service points described above (unpacking, placing and connecting).



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