Winterhalter UC-M 400 V Cutlery Washing Machine

Winterhalter UC-M 400 V Cutlery Washing Machine Winterhalter UC-M 400 V Cutlery Washing Machine Winterhalter UC-M 400 V Cutlery Washing Machine Winterhalter UC-M 400 V Cutlery Washing Machine Winterhalter UC-M 400 V Cutlery Washing Machine
UC-M 400 Bestekwasmachine
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Cutlery washing machine

  • Tank temperature: 40-66 ºC
  • Rinse temperature: 40-85 ºC
  • Max. leaving water temperature: 60 ºC
  • Required water pressure: 1.0-6.0 / 100-600
  • Built-in reservoir for detergent and rinse aid
With three standard programs, the glass washer optimally meets your wide glass washing needs.
  • Program for gentle cleaning of delicate wine and champagne glasses and glasses with decoration
  • Program for cleaning water and juice glasses and different types of glasses
  • Program for powerful cleaning of robust beer mugs and stubbornly soiled glasses
  • Special program that provides a unique washing result for your personal requirements
The touchscreen is the operating, communication and control panel for kitchen staff, chefs, managers and maintenance technicians.
  • Intuitive, language-independent operation: Simply select a program by tapping the relevant crockery icon
  • Visual and audible signals inform the user about the progress of the washing process and the status of the machine
  • With easy-to-understand error signals you can diagnose and solve the problem yourself
  • PIN protection levels for kitchen managers and service technicians
VarioPower: variable adjustment of the water pressure
  • The water pressure can be adapted to the type of dishes or the degree of soiling: lower pressure for delicate dishes and higher pressure for sturdy dishes that are heavily soiled.
  • All other washing factors (temperature, dosage, washing time) are adjusted automatically
  • Perfect washing results for the type of dishes you wash
Washing water filtering
An efficient four-way filtration system ensures that clean water is used continuously.
- Level 1: flat screen filters large dirt particles
- Level 2: fine sieve filters small dirt particles
- Level 3: Mediamat filters very fine particles such as coffee grounds
- Level 4: pump inlet filter ensures that other particles are removed
Washing field
Two elliptical wash fields ensure optimal washing performance and full surface coverage.
  • Elliptical wash fields above and below provide optimal washing results
  • Specially designed nozzles provide maximum surface coverage
  • Every part of the dishes can be reached by the wash and rinse nozzles
  • Integrated washing nozzles cannot get into the machine and get lost
Special programs
Special innovative programs for special wishes.
  • ECO program for even more economical operation
  • Silence program for quieter operation in quiet environments
  • Intensive program for exceptional pollution levels
  • Descaling program
  • Self-cleaning program
  • Special program: tailored to your personal wishes
Turbidity sensor
A turbidity sensor supports the basic filtration system and ensures that the wash water remains clean.

Integrated reservoir
Integrated detergent and rinse aid reservoirs save space and are easily accessible.
  • Easy to refill
  • No extra space next to the machine is required for cans
Note :
When installing in a niche, the following additional dimensions must be taken into account:
Height: + 5 mm.
Width: + 10 mm.

Extra options

Connecting (Please choose)
  • Do connect

    + € 350,00
  • Do not connect

    + € 0,00
Suction Lances
  • Suction lances; instead of built-in reservoir for cleaning and rinse aid

    + € 45,00
Connection value 230 V.
  • 230 V. instead of 400 V.

    + € 0,00
Energy version
Built-in softener
Stainless steel back wall
Extra connection cable
Cool version
Basket for 3D glasses
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Built-in water softener
Built-in soap dosing unit
Built-in drain pump
Number of washing programs3
Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typeOn-site garantie
Width600 mm
Depth603 mm
Height760 mm
Maximum filling level309 mm
Basket size500x500 mm
Baskets per hour48
Tank capacity15,3 liter
Consumption per wash cycle2,4 liter
Voltage400 V
Wattage7,9 kW

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Winterhalter UC-M 400 V Cutlery Washing Machine

€ 4.760,00
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