Henkelman vacuum machine (special butcher version) Henkelman

Henkelman vacuum machine (special butcher version) Henkelman vacuum machine (special butcher version) Henkelman vacuum machine (special butcher version)
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  • Stainless steel housing,
  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber,
  • Transparent lid,
  • Easily removable seal bars without wiring in vacuum chamber,
  • Molds can be adjusted to specific wishes.

This 'butcher machine' is additionally equipped with the following options:

Second seal bar

An additional sealing bar is provided in this machine for doubling the capacity per packaging cycle.

Both seal bars are equipped with Trennseal

With this option the second standard sealing wire is replaced by a cutting thread. This allows you to easily remove the remaining film from the bag.

ACS Digital control

Henkelmans Advanced Control System (ACS) represents a new generation of operating systems. The ACS panel has special advantages, such as the visualized packaging cycle, 20 programs and more than 90 customizable product labels, storage of service data and HACCP compatibility.

  • Full color screen with user-friendly interface
  • Choose from 6 different languages
  • 20 preset programs can be set in%, mbar or hPa
  • USB connection for exchanging data
  • Service indication program

Sensor control with boiling point detection

Moist or liquid products can quickly reach boiling point during vacuuming. Moist products can even cook cold. That is why Henkelman has equipped sensor control with an additional option: Liquid Control. If you activate this function, the sensor will signal the vapor phase of a damp or liquid product quickly and accurately. This prevents the product from reaching boiling point during vacuuming. This way you avoid damage to the product and the machine.

Advantages of Liquid Control function:

  • The product does not lose moisture.
  • The packaging and the machine do not get dirty.
  • The oil in the pump retains its quality.
  • Rusting of the pump is prevented.
  • Optimal cycle time, because no longer than necessary is evacuated.
  • No spoilage because products do not "cook".

'Red Meat' function

Avoid drip, increase quality
Can you make red meat last longer? Now it is! Henkelman was the first in the market to develop the preventive red meat program. This prevents drip: the leakage of meat moisture.

What's the problem?

Red meat contains a high percentage of water. This water, mixed with a protein called myoglobin, gives meat its red color. If meat is exposed to low pressure during vacuuming, the meat fluid will leak out. In addition, bubbles of gas escaping from the meat then appear. This phenomenon can have a negative effect on the quality of the packaging. Henkelman's red meat program prevents that!

Advantages of the 'Red Meat' program:

  • no drip, so no loss of meat moisture;
  • no formation of air bubbles;
  • tighter packaging;
  • better presentation;
  • longer shelf life;
  • improvement of product quality.

Soft Air Function

After the bag has been sealed, air is let into the room via the aeration valve. As a result, the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the chamber becomes the same, after which the lid can open. Air is gradually introduced into the room (based on the set time). The vacuum bag will enclose the product gradually and in a controlled manner. Optimal protection of products and vacuum bag is thus guaranteed.

'Marinate' function

Marinate in a fraction of the time!

Use your vacuum machine to marinate meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

How does it work?

Marinating is an option used to better marinate your dishes. Place the marinated product in the vacuum chamber and start the marinating cycle. Thanks to the smart software, the structure is opened as it were. This ensures that the marinade can penetrate the fibers of, for example, the meat. Because the cell structure is opened, the marinade is optimally absorbed by the meat or fish. Tasty. Fast. Simple.

Advantages of the marinating function

  • More intense flavors
  • Tasty end result
  • No extra equipment required
  • Faster marinating process compared to traditional marinating

'Tenderize ' function

tenderize on cell structure!

Use your vacuum machine to tenderize meat.

How does it work?

Tenderizing is an option that is used to make the structure of the meat less tough.
Place the product in the vacuum chamber and start the tenderize cycle.
Thanks to the smart software, the structure is opened as it were.
This ensures that the cell structure in the product is opened to the maximum, you can keep this cell structure open for up to 30 minutes under vacuum so that they remain open and ensure a more tender end result.

Advantages of the tenderize function

  • 'lesser' parts become more tender and therefore more useful
  • Faster cooking / stewing of crushed (stewed) meat
  • Tasty end result
  • No extra equipment required

HACCP EasyClean

  • Smooth deep drawn vacuum chamber
  • Every corner is easy to reach
  • No cables or welds in the room
  • The seal beams and inserts are easily removable
    The tight casing facilitates quick and easy cleaning

Option Gassing function

Why gas injection?

After the vacuum, the bag is ready to be sealed. You can still inject gas before sealing.
This technique is also called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).
This is usually done to increase the shelf life of the product, to provide extra protection and / or to prevent discoloration of the product.


A mixture of nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is usually used.
Oxygen (O2) can be added to this combination. The use of argon (Ar) has been increasing lately because it has the same neutral gas properties as nitrogen (N2).
Which gas mixture is most suitable depends on the product. Your gas supplier can best inform you about the optimum composition.

Effects of different gases

Nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar) eliminate traces of moisture,
Carbon dioxide (CO2) inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi,
Oxygen (O2) ensures that the red or pink color of meat is retained.                                     

Benefits of gassing

  • Extends shelf life.
  • Protects sensitive products.
  • Prevents discoloration.

Pay attention:
A special oxygen pump is required for gas mixtures (with more than 20% oxygen)!

Option Oxygen pump ('red pump')

Why this' red pump?

For gas mixtures with more than 20% oxygen (O2), a special oxygen pump is required (and mandatory) because otherwise the pump cannot function safely.


A mixture of nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is usually used, and oxygen (O2) can be added to this combination. The oxygen (O2) ensures that the red or pink color of the meat is retained.

CE and ETL certified
Henkelman equipment is ETL certified and compliant with UL, CSA, NSF and CE standards
3 years warranty
Henkelman offers a 3 years warranty on parts
Busch pomp
All Henkelman machines are equipped with a Busch vacuum pump
Own stock
95% of all vacuum machines are available from stock

Extra options

Fumigation function
  • Fumigation function

    + € 280,00
Oxygen pump ('red pump')
  • Oxygen pump ('red pump')

    + € 1.695,00
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Modeltable model
Number of chambers1
Number of sealing rods2
Label printer
Warranty3 jaar
Warranty typePick-up & return
Width480 mm
Depth610 mm
Height470 mm
Chamber width420 mm
Chamber depth460 mm
Chamber height180 mm
Sealing rod length (max)420 mm
Pump capacity21 m³/uur
Voltage230 V
Wattage0,75 kW

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